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Testimonials American Brazilian Aesthetic Meeting

"ABAM 2021 was no only an American Brazilian Aesthetics Meeting.  This is definitely an international meeting with top presenters from the United States and Brazil as well as Europe, Argentina, Columbia, and Mexico.  It is is also more that an aesthetics meeting, with information on breast reconstructive techniques, regenerative techniques for facial reconstruction, and practice management strategies.  I was not able to attend in person, but thanks to them making this available via streaming this year, I was able to watch the meeting and did so from a different Utah ski resort.  So my family was able to start skiing while I finished the morning portion of the meeting and then I joined them on the slopes for the day.  It is definitely one of the best all around meetings I have been to "attend" and we look forward to watching again next year.  Thank you for such a great meeting."

-Cameron Earl, MD — USA

"I had the privilege of participating in the American-Brazilian Aesthetic Meeting in Park City, Utah held in February of 2021.  The meeting is in a fantastic location especially if you love winter sports.  Besides the divertisment and collegial atmosphere I am impressed with the top shelf presentations at this meeting.  There are well known participants in aesthetic surgery, and this year, because of Covid, the organizers put together an amazing array of virtual presenters and panels from every corner of the world.  I came away with many pearls for my practice and refreshed from the experience of being on the mountain in Park City.  I believe anyone who attends will be coming back year after year for this great meeting."

-Mike Marion, MD — USA

"After almost a year without a live meeting it was such a joy to have attended  ABAM 2021 in person! As always well organized, well run and this year with all COVID safety measures in place. Such a pleasure to see and interact with my friends and colleagues on site. For those whose travel restrictions prevented in person attendance the flawless worldwide live streaming provided interactive access to the meeting. The live international panels from South America and Europe flawlessly brought the speakers into the auditorium for lively interactions. Congratulations to the AV Staff, Susan Russell, her staff and Renato and Flavia Saltz for a memorable, amazing and successful meeting not to mention the greatest snow on Earth! I look forward to seeing all my worldwide friends and colleagues live next year at ABAM 2022."

-Foad Nahai, MD — USA

"The Utah Plastic Surgery Society is proud to endorse the ABAM scheduled to meet in our backyard, Park City, UT on Feb 14-18, 2019. Our esteemed colleague and ever faithful member of the Utah Plastic Surgery Society and friend to the specialty around the world, Renato Saltz, MD, has once again assembled a veritable who’s who of plastic surgery educators. This rare event provides attendees unprecedented access to faculty in an intimate and relaxed atmosphere. The chance to spend precious time in close contact with our fellow surgeons is a remarkable advantage of the setting in which ABAM occurs. Furthermore, attendees can enjoy the balanced educational program with the fabulous winter sports activities that the Park City area has to offer. Added to that, the flavorful dining options in town will be sure to encourage everyone to bring along family and office staff to luxuriate in these fine offerings. It is our earnest hope to have you join us in February 2019 for what is sure to be a noteworthy part of your year."

-Brian K. Brzowski, MD, FACS — USA
— President, Utah Plastic Surgery Society

"The first ever Hybrid ABAM was an absolute delight! Obviously I wish we could have been with you in person since we miss all of you. With that being said, participating virtually in giving lectures and also listening to the incredible informative lectures was amazing. Thank you so much for including me in ABAM!"

Paul Nassif, MD — USA

"We had great time, learned a lot and have great new friends now. It was maybe the best conference I have ever been to. Thanks to you and your organization team."

-Tunc Tiryaki, M.D. — Turkey

"ABAM and Rio were Perfect! It's a great honor to be part of this group. Looking forward to ABAM 2015!"

-Rachel Garcia, M.D. — Brasil

"Thank you very much for the extraordinary experience in Florianopolis. Everything was great. The scientific program excellent and the location unforgettable."

-Gianluca Campiglio, M.D. — Italy

"I would like to congratulate all the team by the excellence of the meeting, the high scientific standard, and by the high level of friendship that make all colleagues of different countries and culture feel like one big family. I'm very proud to be part of this family. Best regards and looking forward to be get together next year in Park City."

-Alberto Caldeira, M.D. — Brasil

"Thank you very much for the wonderful time we spent in Jurere. We are delighted with the friendly atmosphere you and the committee have shown. The scientific program was perfect! Big hug!"

-Volney Pitombo, M.D. — Brasil

"We had a wonderful week in Brazil, the perfect combination between serious work and delightful activities. Congratulation for the perfect organization of both."

-Eric Auclair, M.D. — France

"It was surely an amazing and unforgettable week in Florianapolis. I wanted to thank you again for all the effort you put into gathering those wonderful people and talented surgeons from all around the world. Hope to ski in Park City with my good pal of Jurere Beach."

-Cemal Senyuva, M.D. — Turkey

"Renato & Flavia - Thank you and your co-chairs and organizers again for allowing this Derm diva into your beautiful warm ABAM family! I don't do most of the surgical procedures discussed but I am going home with practice pearls and more memories of old and new friends. The two of you went particularly above and beyond the call of duty this year making sure your Rio flock enjoyed the festivities but didn't wander too far astray. Look forward to seeing you all in 2015 if not sooner!"

-Heidi Waldorf, M.D. — USA

"What you do with ABAM is exceptional! You let us feel like a big family. The high standard of science has the same level in friendship and fun. We met so nice colleagues from all over the world, and specially from Brazil, that we become more and more fans of this country, where -I am sure- Germany will leave its football (soccer) mark as world champion 2014...We are impatiently waiting for the next ABAM event."

-Joachim Finckenstein, M.D. — Germany

"Thank you for your kind invitation to participate in this wonderful meeting. I know how hard it is to organize such a meeting and you did it very successfully. What stands out is your capacity to bring people together and make them feel good. All these thing were done while still maintaining a high scientific level."

-Antonio Graziosi, M.D. — Italy

"Renato, when you told me that this congress was the one of friendship, you were not mistaken. I had a great time, the scientific level was top level. Again, congratulations my brother.

-Henry Delmar, M.D. — France

"The American Brazilian Meeting represents the best of all worlds- a dynamic, well run meeting with great faculty in a beautiful setting that allows all to interact and learn from one another. ABAM is a top meeting on my list, I always learn something!"

-Julius Few, M.D. — USA

"ABAM represents one of the best small-format aesthetic plastic surgery meetings held anywhere in the world. It has a wonderful educational venue and the ability for attendees to interact with world experts in aesthetic plastic surgery and cosmetic medicine."

-Mark L. Jewell, M.D. — USA

Thanks again for once again bringing together a great group of plastic surgeons to exchange ideas in such a beautiful place. This meeting continues to promote the international nature of our specialty. I look forward to seeing you all in Vancouver."

-Mike Edwards — Las Vegas, USA

"Thanks to you and the organizing comittee, the recent ABAM Meeting was an educational and social success. The international presence allowed exchange of ideas and innovations and I was very honored to take part in the scientific program. It was a wonderful Brazilian experience with unequalled hospitality and natural beauty. My son and my daughter could not forget the beaches and their surf experience, so they started saving their allowences and learning Porteguese. They plan to go back and live in Florianopolis. If they are not settled by that time, I will join your next ABAM meeting in Park City."

-Nuri Çelik — Turkey

"ABAM is an excellent meeting both from educational and social perspectives. Highly recommended- Two thumbs up!"

-Claudio DeLorenzi, M.D. — Canada

“ABAM is one of those rare meetings where you have intimate contact with international thought leaders in a casual setting both in the lecture sessions and on the slopes. I wouldn't miss it.”

-Michael C. Edwards, M.D. — USA

“Thank you again for bringing together such a good Faculty and giving me an opportunity to join them. Congratulations for the successful meeting and great organization. I had a wonderful time in Florianapolis and it was a great pleasure to meet my friends again. See you at the next ABAM meeting in Park City in 2015.”

-Nazim Cerkes, M.D. — Turkey

"Thank you for a truly special educational and social experience in Florianopolis! As a dermatologist amidst surgeons, I particularly appreciated everyone's openness and sincere welcome. You brought together a remarkable group of people in a beautiful location. Looking forward to seeing everyone next year in Park City!”

-Heidi A. Waldorf, M.D. — USA

“Thanks for another great meeting. We had a great time and I really appreciated the opportunity to meet new colleges. I learned some new things and have some new ideas for research and papers.”

-Grant Stevens, M.D. — USA

“Thank you again for your invitation to the ABAM meeting. It was wonderful, I think this was one of the most rich learning experience In a meeting ever. I could see novel and good techniques and technologies every day. See you next year! Wouldn't miss it!”

-Alfredo Hoyos, M.D. — Colombia

“Congratulations for the event, it was high stand. Thank you for including me in the program. I will be in Park City next year for sure. We love to ski.”

-Ruth Graf, M.D., Ph.D. — Brasil

“Excellent scientific standards, fantastic events and dinners, wonderful ski conditions, and overall the possibility to meet old friends and make new during the meeting.”

-Vakis Kontoes, M.D. — Greece

“If you are looking for a meeting that combines an exotic location with a fantastic fun faculty then no need to search any further then ABAM. The international flavors of aesthetics dashed with spices of different thought always create a savory taste of knowledge that won't leave you wanting more. Expect both your mind and spirit to be completely and utterly satiated.”

-Steve Dayan, M.D. — USA

“Renato Saltz and his colleagues and team coordinate not only a great educational meeting but also create an environment that allows unparalleled interaction among those attending. I think this is certainly now considered the premier aesthetic symposium that is held in a world class ski resort and yet really only about half of the people attending actually make it to the slopes!!!! That speaks volumes.”

-Randy Waldman, M.D. — USA

“Love it!!! Renato, I can't express how much u enjoyed this meeting professionally and socially. Thank you got including me and I am looking forward to participating next meeting!!!!!”

-Andrew Jacono, M.D. — USA

“It was my first participation on the ABAM and I really liked it. I had the opportunity to know so many surgeons I just heard about and also to meet old friends. I thank you and Casagrande for the kind invitation and congratulations for the success of the event.”

-Ronche Ferreira — Sao Paulo, Brasil

“The ABAM meeting 2012 in Brazil was so relaxed yet informative. We really enjoyed it. You did a fab job bringing together some amazing people. I am looking forward to pounding the powder in PC.”

-Asti Alexandria — Colombia

“Foi um prazer muito grande fazer parte deste maravilhoso evento! Desejo sempre muito sucesso! A concepção destes eventos é sempre trabalhosa e preocupante, mas a compensação é muito mais gratificante! Parabéns a voce, Ricardo, Sampaio Goes, Casagrande e os colegas dos EEUU!”

-Barbara Machado — Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

“Thank you again for your invitation to the ABAM meeting. It was wonderful, I think this was one of the most rich learning experience In a meeting ever, I could see novel and good techniques and technologies every day. See you next year! Wouldn't miss it!”

-Alfredo Hoyos — Colombia

“Hi thanks again for another great ABAM Meeting, amazing! The place was great it was fantastic to discover a new place with very good friends. For sure we will be there in 2013 with plenty of snow and papers.”

-Sebastien Garson — France

“6 days in haeven, that's what you've offered us... This is THE meeting of friendship and I'm proud to slowly enter this group of friends. Christine and I are looking forward to meeting you all very soon.”

-Olivier & Christine Gerbault— Paris, France

“I really enjoyed not only the educational session but also the paradise location and most impressively the group of people who attended. Not only did ABAM 2012 run very smoothly for all but for me in particular, It was a magical meeting.”

-Steve Dayan — Chicago, USA

“We loved the ABAM meeting and enjoyed making new friends. We spent the past week in Brazil. What a wonderful country. We can't wait to return. We do hope to be able to join you next year in Utah.”

-Jeff Dover — Boston, USA

“O ABAM evento eleva o padrão da Cirurgia Plástica com os temas e convidados de ponta, reunindo pesquisa, ciência e as grandes clinicas em um excepcional e bem administrado simpósio. Contem comigo em Park City e na divulgacao do proximo ABAM!”

-Romeu Fadul — Sao Paulo, Brasil

“Thank you all - great meeting and good to see you all. See you in Park City.”

-Hank Spinelli — New York City, USA

“Fantastic meeting! Wonderful venue....wonderful people. Those of us that put on meetings KNOW that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication and you made it look easy. See you soon... and again....THANKS !”

-Steven Fagien — Boca Raton, Florida USA

“ABAM 2012 in Florianopolis was one of my most memorable meetings. The scientific program was really great and due to the friendly athmosphere created by you and your collegues, both the presentations and discussions were held in a most sincere fashion and in some topics it was very instructive for me. I would like to congratulate you for your great effort and success in this organization and as a member of "Turkish Family" I am always ready for any kind of duty in these organizations conducted by you. I would like to thank you and Flavia for your friendship and hospitality in Brasil where I felt myself at home. Hope to see you in İstanbul.”

-Mehmet Bayramiçli — Istanbul, Turkey

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